Andrew Keese is an Australian singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist and self-described purveyor of literate, intelligent and poignant pop/rock music. The Associates are a constantly evolving and ever changing line-up of musicians. 

To date, he has recorded two albums with The Associates  (Desire and The Inheritance) as well as recording and producing a solo instrumental album  (Infinite Possible Shapes)under the name North Beach.

Desire (2008)

Released in 2008, Desire was recorded, mixed and produced by renowned Australian engineer Tony Cohen, best known for his extensive work with Nick Cave (from the Birthday Party through to the bulk of the Bad Seeds records) as well as The Go-Betweens, The Beasts of Bourbon and The Cruel Sea.

Writing in Melbourne's Beat Magazine, critic Bronius Zumeris praised the album for its "consistently engaging melodies … challenging lyrics ... inventive arrangements and heartfelt poetry".

Patrick Lang of DB Magazine highlighted "Keese's voice, reedy and vulnerable, sometimes recalling Morrissey [or] Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds during their slow, devotional period " and cited the album as "a strong debut from an obviously talented singer/songwriter” that showed “glimpses of genius amongst the distillation of influences".

Writing in 'Condemned To Rock ‘n’ Roll' blog in Canada, Larissa Wodtke closed her review of Desire by stating: "Andrew Keese and The Associates take the gentle cadences of classical elements and marry them to the mournful essence of country/folk to achieve a record of exquisite longing cocooned in a soft solitude, filtering memory like a twilit blindfold”.



In 2010, Keese recorded, mixed and produced a solo album, Infinite Possible Shapes. A marked departure from the lyrically and vocally heavy Desire, the album featured no words, vocals or defined structure. Instead, the album was a completely improvised collection of pieces recorded on an ancient upright piano.

Drums, guitars, bass, synthesizers and software instruments were later layered on top to create an ambient, soundtrack-like album. Originally released in a limited run of 100 CDs, Infinite Possible Shapes will be re-released under the name North Beach later this year.



2014 saw the completion of the latest Andrew Keese & The Associates album, The Inheritance. Recorded and mixed by Dave McCluney at Atlantis Studios in Melbourne in 2012 and mastered by Ray Staff (Spiritualized, The Libertines, David Bowie) at Air Studios in London, The Inheritance is currently in pre-release stage as a free download prior to its commercial release in late November.


Andrew Keese is currently based in Melbourne, Australia where he is working on his next album.