The Inheritance Trailer

Shot at the studio during the final day of recording, this is a trailer for our latest album The Inheritance, due out in 2015. The clip was filmed, edited and produced by Andrew Ferguson.

Various Melbourne guest musicians feature including Amaya Laucirica, Sara Retallick (Jimmy Tait, Golden Syrup), Katie Scott (Howl at the Moon), Sarah Taylor (Taylor Project), Sunny Leunig, Andre Hooke and Andrew Bonnici (khancoban), and Marlon Winterbourne.


A Light In Every Window

"A Light In Every Window" was created to coincide with the release of Infinite Possible Shapes, the debut solo instrumental album by Andrew Keese.

This clip features 8mm home footage from America in the 1950's supplied by kind permission of Michael Lins. The footage was initially downloaded from YouTube, edited to match the music and then re-published in its current form. It took a total of 4 hours to create.


The Bird Who Could Not Fly

Also produced for Infinite Possible Shapes, "The Bird Who Could Not Fly" clip was shot on a Vistaquest 1015 Entry novelty/toy camera.

Although digital, this toy camera produces a Super 8 effect due to the construction of its lens and its quirky electronics. It captures images and video to an SD card, but has a fake viewfinder, no screen and no playback capabilities.

The opening of the video was filmed in Melbourne, Australia. The remaining footage was filmed in New York City, Montauk and Rhinebeck, NY, USA.